Zoo 2 U - Party Prices

A Zoo 2 U party will bring smiles and amazement to your children's faces. Our most current animal list can be found here. We have several pricing options:

  1. $200 for 8 animals for an approximate 45 minute show (ages 1+).
  2. $250 for 12 animals for an approximate 1 hour show (ages 5+)
  3. $300 for 16 animals for an approximate 1.5 hour show (ages 9+).
  4. For schools, day-cares, special events and parties over 15 participants, please contact us to discuss pricing options.
  5. NEW!
    We have added a new and very special animal to our list. If you wish to replace one of your animal choices with Miguel, our Common Marmoset monkey, there will be an additional charge of $50. Please specify which of the other animals you want to replace with Miguel in the event that he is not available that day. If that happens we will bring out the substituded animal instead of Miguel. We cannot guarantee Miguel's availability on any given day and there will be limited handling of the monkey. That is why we ask for you to chose your regular 8 or 12 animals, and pick which one you want replaced with the monkey. If Miguel is not available, we will do our best within reason to bring out your alternate pick.

Additional Excitement:

If there are more than 15 participating in either Balloon Animals or Face Painting, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 for each extra particpant. If both Balloon Animals and Face Painting are chosen, it will be $9.00 for each extra particpant.

For locations outside of but within a reasonable distance of Edmonton and Strathcona County, please call for availability. Travel charges may apply.

Please remember to add 5% to the above prices for GST.